Energy generation, rather than Energy raw materials, is the
commodity of the future as it is the key to development and growth

About Us

Energy is the key driver of development and economic growth. For decades while carbon and petroleum production has controlled growth of countries and economies, new paradigms have shifted the focus to energy generation rather than just traditional fossil fuels.

Countries are now aware that independence from carbon based fuels for energy generation and self sufficiency are not only necessary for sustainable development and combatting climate change, but also an extreme political necessity given the volatility in the middle-east despite cheap oil prices.

The success of COP21 has highlighted the importance of renewable and distributed energy generation in Africa and has moved geopolitical focus to energy generation in Sub-Saharan Africa which in turn is key to water and food security and sustainable development.

ELF GLOBAL is conceived to be initially a development vehicle for emerging and frontier markets with a three year horizon to develop and build a pipeline of at least 500 MW and a five year horizon to build several micro-utilities in the same markets it develops and constructs grid connected utility scale projects. The company has different exit options with different multiples at certain trigger points in the business plan for investors.

ELF GLOBAL has operating offices in Dubai, UAE which allow for direct access to the AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) region with strong relationships in the infrastructure and banking segments



ELF GLOBAL has targeted the African continent as our rationale is to develop and execute projects in africa before large scale development begins this capitalizing on our early entry into the market. The only exceptions the company reserves in the case of geographical locations are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Rather than “follow the herd” and compete with a long list of competitors in pushing down energy generation prices in newly mature markets, ELF GLOBAL aims to be a first mover in countries which aren’t fully mature in the space creating a virtual advantage for its services.

Apart from just developing large utility scale grid connected projects,ELF GLOBAL hopes to tie available development funding from developmental financial institutions to actual off-grid, smart-grid and rural electrification programs applying its shareholders legacy experience to real need situations in Africa and other frontier markets.


Our Secondary Objective

To develop donor funded or public private partnership programs aimed at innovative use of renewable energy in energy challenged emerging and frontier markets. .


  • 500

    MW of pipeline
  • 9

    Over 9 countries
  • 20

    Critical mass potential > 20MW
  • 24

    < 24 months to shovel ready status